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We specialize in smoking cessation, weight loss, and stress reduction.  We promise your time with us will be like nothing you've ever experienced.

Hypnosis: Complimentary therapy to cancer treatment

Being able to think and act positively is achieved through an
awareness of being in control.  The positive attitudes which
are elements are vital factors in the achievement of success.  
The individual who feels in control of life, events, emo­tions
and personal progress is relatively free from problems
involving stress, anxiety, fear, inadequacy and other
character­istics of "out-of-control" people. Hypnosis can create
or enhance the con­fidence, assuredness and sense of
person­al competence that go with being in con­trol. Self-doubt,
effects of past fail­ures can be converted to positive, aggressive
outlooks and awareness of con­trol.   Hypnotherapists can
implant cues to reinforce suggestions of power and strength,
resulting in the turnaround of lives and fortunes.

Certified Hypnotist Training

Learn how to program yourself for success and learn how to help others be the best they can be. At the CHC, we provide a comprehensive course with standardized training.  The course consists of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practice in a supportive, caring, interactive environment.  Click here for additional information.

Annual Spring Training - 2015

April 17-19, April 25-26, and

May 2-3, 2015

Friday 1-5pm;

Saturdays/Sundays 9am–5pm

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Don't forget to check out our Triple Threat Weight Loss program

Excess weight leads to obesity, diabetes, heart problems, joint problems, fatigue, stress, low self-esteem.  All you need is a sincere desire for change and commitment to follow this balanced program.  Join us for this intensive 5-week program where each week builds on the previous. 

Our "Triple Threat" weight loss program offers:

  • Hypnotherapy for weight loss and management

  • Full nutritional system including a 30-day cleansing and

          fat burning system

  • Personalized plan to stay on track

Self-hypnosis CDs

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Eventbrite - "Triple Threat" Weight Loss Program