New Year, New Beginnings

This is the time of year when many people make a new year's resolution. But how many keep it for more than a couple of weeks? Well, I've had a look at several surveys and they seem to vary between 25-40% but some surveys even show that as little as 8% of people actually go through with their big plans.

What about you? Do you have a resolution? Will you keep it?

Most people try to stick to their resolution using will power, that's why they soon fall by the wayside. We tend to be creatures of habit and often get stuck in a particular way of behavior. To change something you need to be able to visualize the benefits of that change and to help your mind understand why you want to change, otherwise you just easily drift back into the old, familiar ways of behaving.

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One way of improving your chances of keeping your resolution is to re-educate your mind into the new way you want to behave. You get rid of the old patterns and put in the new ones, a bit like having a good spring clean and getting rid of all the junk. Hypnosis techniques are excellent ways of achieving this "new beginning."

So if you're interested in making a real change this year and keeping this New Year's Resolution then contact the Canadian Hypnosis Centre today.

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