Make your holidays truly happy

Hypnosis is very effective for dealing with stress and the last thing you need around the holidays is stress.

Stressed at Christmas?  Join the millions. You know the drill: financial pressure, time pressure and family dynamics all colliding to make the holiday period stressful. The end of the year brings a compression of social activities and obligations on a large scale. Hypnotherapy is a welcome antidote to the mental pressures of the season. Anxiety and worry are processes we choose to run.  Sometimes it feels as if the choice to run anxiety or even be anxious is out of our control.  This is true to some extent as worry and anxious thinking are habits.  After a while, our habits become second nature and continue operating below the level of our everyday awareness. Being stressed at Christmas seems to be the normal way of things.

Stress and anxiety can be caused by known and unknown factors. Problems or insecurities in relationships, employment, health situations, and other factors can foster mental and physical conditions which adversely affect the progress and enjoyment of life. Other causes, including events, contacts, or traumas, may be repressed or suppressed, creating anx­ieties the sources of which appear totally unknown.  Stress inclinations also can be inherited by children from parents. 

Stress that begins to debilitate or produce depression needs attention.  Stress management via hypnotherapy is powerful and effective. Causes can be revealed. In cases where stress-causing situations cannot be changed, hypnotherapy can modify perceptions so as to make possible tolerable living conditions.  It works!

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