The Canadian Hypnosis Centre (CHC) continues to stay on the cutting edge of the Hypnosis profession. We do not take our success or the success of our clients lightly.  We are constantly upgrading skills and learning new techniques to ensure the highest success for our clients. We have a certified hypnosis trainer on staff and we continue to strive to remain a top hypnosis organization in Canada.  We specialize in eliminating any negative behaviour that the client wishes to eliminate, such as smoking cessation, weight loss, and stress reduction, chronic pain, fears & phobias, just to name a few.  We promise your time with us will be like nothing you've ever experienced.  The CHC is designed with you in mind.  All our staff are certified hypnotists and continue to undergo regular training.  We continue to strive to remain the number one hypnosis organization in Canada.

We use hypnosis, advanced hypnosis, neuro linguistics, neuroplasticity as well as various other techniques and strategies when the situation deems necessary to help our clients achieve the highest level of success possible. 


The CHC has aligned itself with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the largest and most recognized hypnosis organization in the world with over 16,000 Hypnotists in 80+ countries.

As a member in good standing with the NGH, all CHC staff follow the NGH Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.


The Canadian Hypnosis Centre (CHC) has a passion for supporting and motivating people to overcome challenges in their personal and professional lives.  Our aim is to impart the power of hypnosis and its ability to transform lives to countless others. We have a long track record for offering highly successful smoking cessation workshops, stress reduction workshops and other life enhancing programs.


           Dave                  Associate Director, Case Manager                   Clinical Hypnotist
   Anthony            Director
Clinical Hypnotist

Anthony Hallett is one of Canada’s leading Certified Consulting Hypnotists and the Director of the Canadian Hypnosis Centre. He has worked with clients all over the world including Industry Leaders, high profile entrepreneurs and celebrities, assisting them to relax and reduce their stress/anxiety levels plus manage and deal with a variety of other issues such as motivation, critical thinking & goal setting to name a few.

Anthony is a husband, a father of three and a coffee enthusiast  and his goal is to help everyday people with everyday problems succeed.

Dave was a paramedic in Ottawa for 24 years before changing professions. "I used to help people with medical issues, now I help people just as profoundly with emotional issues"

Whether you are looking for a personalized session to help with weight loss, smoking cessation, stress, fears/phobias, or some other issue that is causing you distress (these are what Dave means by 'emotional' issues) Dave can help.  With over 25 years experience Dave has helped people just like you break free of negative behaviours that have been holding them back.  Isn't it time you decided to                "Live the Life you were meant to Live!" 

One of Dave's passions is teaching & sharing information.  He was an on-road preceptor for paramedics in Ottawa for many years.  He taught Trauma Life Support to the Canadian Military Peacekeepers for several years as well as teaching First Aid/CPR/Defibrillation to Parliament Hill Security, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) as well as the pilots that fly the Prime Minister of Canada.

Dave has also been a presenter at the NGH International conference in Boston, and also teaches several advanced trainings for Hypnotist's.

Want to become a Successful Hypnotherapist?  Check the training section on this site and then contact Dave to see if this training would be right for you. He has been training hypnotist's successfully since 2004.

Clinical Hypnotist

Tara's mission is to help others unleash their innate potential and live happy, fulfilled lives. Using hypnosis, she empowers people to reach their goals and rid them of limiting thoughts and unconscious patterns. She believes that hypnosis is a powerful tool for personal growth and better health by increasing self-awareness and strengthening the mind-body connection.

A lover of adventure, Tara has backpacked extensively to far reaching places such as the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. She is fascinated by the vast differences in cultural philosophies on health and happiness and believes that there is much to be learned from each other. She applies these concepts in her practice.  

Tara received a degree in Psychology 25 years ago. As a perpetual learner, she has continued to quench her thirst for knowledge in various areas. She is currently undertaking postgraduate studies in neuroscience, addictions, and mental health. 

Tara is a wife and mother to one human and 3 fur babies. She is a food and fitness enthusiast and loves the outdoors. 

      Lyne  Administration

Lyne plays an integral role in the background keeping us organized. She was our office manager, doing everything from answering phones, scheduling & greeting clients for our busy office hypnotists, bookkeeping, accounting, booking all our corporate seminars, entertainment shows, and of course our Internationally recognized Certified Hypnotherapy program, and probably a lot more that we didn't even know about.  

Lyne retired in 2012 to spend her winters in Florida with her husband. They are now back and we are happy to have her back on the team.

     Chris Clinical Hypnotist

Chris's philosophy is simple – "our mindset is the driving force in our lives and with effort we can shape and control it. For example, your mindset determines if a new challenge can either overwhelm and cause debilitating anxiety, or excite and energize you into peak performance."

Hypnosis is a tool that can be used to help you enhance perspective and develop new patterns of thought that better serve you so that you can become your best self, while also enjoying your life’s journey to the fullest.

In addition to his Clinical Hypnotherapy certification Chris has a Masters degree in Psychology.  He has competed in and coached wrestling, taekwondo and various other martial arts for most of his life. While coaching he honed his ability to help others achieve a winner’s mindset. 

Whether you are an athlete, the CEO of a large company, a homemaker or just about anyone else, if you want to excel to an optimal mindset Chris can help make the process easy.

     Linda Clinical Hypnotist

Linda specializes in grief and bereavement.  She spent 25 years as a palliative care nurse in Ottawa, Canada's capital city helping families cope with the loss of a loved one. Linda was cofounder of 'Bereaved Families Ottawa' and facilitated groups of bereaved parents for over six years.  Linda became an NGH Certified Clinical Hypnotist with Dave at the Canadian Hypnosis Centre back in 2004.  Her many years as an RN as well as her many years as a clinical hypnotist has made her a unique expert in the field of grief and bereavement, using both those training modalities as well as neuro linguistics, Neuroplacticity, and other advanced modalities as deemed necessary for the success of her client. She works with children, teens and adults, individually or groups. Linda has taken a leadership role in the hypnosis profession, taking regular ongoing training as well as speaking at conferences in Canada and internationally on her specialities.

If you or someone you know is experiencing grief/bereavement please reach out and let us help you.

*Linda uses the teachings of Dr Alan Wolfelt as part of this program