Ottawa's oldest & most trusted Hypnosis Centre (2000 inc) has gone Global!

All private sessions, group sessions, and training is now 100% online.  AND, it's never been easier.  Once we establish that our services are right for you (email, phone, video chat) all you have to do is sit back and wait for the email with the secure link to have our secure video session right in the comfort of your own home. No more commuting.  In fact, we are now able to see clients from all over for such things as smoking cessation, weight loss, insomnia, stress, and so much more.


We pride ourselves in being an exceptional clinic where your health comes first...

by providing the highest quality holistic care, individualized treatment by the Ottawa’s leading experts, and in the shortest amount of time. Each client is assigned a case manager to handle all medical issues.


We offer Hypnotherapy services for a variety of problems including quitting smoking, weight loss, stress, addiction, sleep deprivation and more. Both of Hypnotist are certified and part of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)


Our Nutritionist will help to advise you on matters of food and nutrition and their impacts on your health. Once that is done we will devise a plan of action to make you feel like new.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine restores health by respecting nature, considering science, and using interventions that do the least harm. There is an emphasis placed on nutrition, as food is a key foundation of health.

Life Coaching

Our Life Coach is here to help you identify your what your goals are and how to develop an actionable plan to achieve those goals. Coaching may sound like a weird way to achieve your goals, however, to compete as a world-class athlete, you need the experience, enthusiastic support, objective perspective and insight of a coach. Find out how we can help you today.

Ottawa's Best Hypnosis and Wellness Centre

Well maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher quality life. Why does it matter? It matters because everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being. In turn, our well-being directly affects our actions and emotions. It’s an ongoing circle.


Therefore, it is important for everyone to achieve optimal wellness in order to reduce the effects of stress, tension, anxiety and worry, the 4 leading causes of dysfunction in our lives so that we ensure positive interactions personally, professionally and socially.

Hypnotist Rules for Home/Office Visit

• Sessions must always be prepaid.  A 3 session commitment is highly recommended for all new clients. Payment will be collected before the first session via credit card.

• Ensure that you will be undisturbed for the duration of your session and likely a few minutes after.  It is important to the success of our sessions that you are not interrupted under any circumstances, unless in the case of an emergency.

• Turn off any cell phones or any other electronic devices you may have in your space.  

• Please ensure to use the bathroom prior to your session and limit your beverage and caffeine  intake immediately prior to the session


• If you need to change your appointment date or time for any reason, please call or email at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will not be refunded.


• For more details please e-mail or call(613) 592-6305.  We will discuss how the sessions will proceed and answer any questions you may have.

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